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The Catoosa Fire Department has been proudly serving the citizens of our community for many years. The Fire Department has evolved into a full-time professional organization with state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to handle the wide variety of emergencies that may be faced in the modern world.

Catoosa Fire Department’s excellent service, equipment, training hours, and station locations, along with the City’s water distribution, have allowed many benefits for our citizens, businesses and travelers just passing through.


Shipping and Mailing for all Fire Dept. Stations:
214 S. Cherokee St. / P.O. Box 190
Catoosa, OK  74015

Fire Department Station 2 (Burn Permits and Reports)

1504 N 170th East Ave Tulsa, OK 74116
Mail:  P.O. Box 190
Catoosa, OK  74015
p: (918) 438-2552   f: (918) 437-9878

Fire Department Station 1
100 S. Cherokee / P. O. Box 190
Catoosa, OK  74015
p: (918) 739-4246

Fire Department Central Station
101 N. Cherokee St. / P.O. Box 190
Catoosa, OK  74015
p:  (918) 266-1747

24 Hours/ 7 Days a Week

Denus Benton  -  Catoosa Fire Chief
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