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The City of Catoosa is “Business Friendly” community. We are growing and are focused on bringing new business to Catoosa. The Catoosa Economic Development Authority is dedicated to recruiting business and making it easy to move into our city.

We’re proud of Catoosa and believe it is the greatest community in Oklahoma. Our city government works hard to provide the framework for the success of this wonderful community.

Our city has made a commitment to growth and we have a number of exciting plans in place to make this happen. Our strategic plan includes seven goals, each one bringing new ideas and actions to make our city even better.

Goal 1
: Increase support of our school system to assure that each student’s educational experience is more focused, more personal, and more rewarding than any other in Oklahoma.
Goal 2
: Enhance the recreational and family-values experiences available in our community.
Goal 3
: Bring family-friendly tourist attractions to our community.
Goal 4
: Attract unique dining establishments to support the uniqueness of our community.
Goal 5
: Continue to enhance city services to support all aspects of our growth and development.
Goal 6
: Improve the visual appeal of our community.
Goal 7
: Bring new job opportunities to our community.

Whether you want to live, work or play in Catoosa, we have something for you. Catoosa, it just feels good!
To find out more about how you can become a part of the exciting Catoosa business community, call us at 918-266-2505.

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