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ABOUT CATOOSA FIRE - What Makes Us Who We Are
The Catoosa Fire Department protects nearly 9500 people in Rogers and Wagoner counties of northeast Oklahoma, with 3 stations. Catoosa, which is located 16 miles east of downtown Tulsa, operates a Combination department, with 10 Career, and a group volunteer firefighters. Our response area covers nearly 35 square miles, which consist of residential, industrial, High Rise buildings, Inland Port Three Major Highways that converge into one point, Railroad and some light agricultural. The city continues to see growth in both residential and Commercial arenas. This growth will continue to challenge and grow our department.

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In the early 1900's, an old tale tells of a "woman in black" who was spotted about town prior to various fires. Later, a group of men went in search of the ghostly woman, only to see her vanish as they approached her. It seems her stare had pyromania properties, as it is reported to have caused the fires of the lumber pile for a new drugstore, a store across the street, and the post office.

Whether you choose to believe the phantom pyro tale or not, Catoosa has been plagued by several fires that destroyed much of the business district. The first of these fires occurred in 1929, with the second taking place in 1930. "The timing of these fires is more to blame for the extinction of the town's business district than the actual damage. The country was in the midst of the Great Depression, so once the property and valuables were destroyed, no one had money to rebuild. Many had to move on or take jobs in surrounding areas. The loss of business resulted in other businesses closing and slowly downtown Catoosa began to disappear." "Lightning or faulty wiring or a combination of the two was attributed as the cause of the fire that destroyed the last remaining structures of the original town," in December of 1968. The fire destroyed 5 buildings and threatened another. Fire protection has come a long ways from the days of the city's maintenance man and the only fireman Bailey Barbee sounding a siren for all to come and help douse a fire. It was in 1965 that Mayor Max Corp called upon Dale Lynch to form a Civil Defense unit. This unit was responsible for firefighting and used a building at the McNabb Coal Company for parking the trucks. The year 1971 proved to be a milestone in the evolvement of Catoosa, as the official opening of the Port of Catoosa and the first official ordinance establishing a fire department transpired. Upon creating the "Catoosa Fire Department" a new 500 Gallon Boardman Engine was purchased to compliment the fleet. This also pushed the city to establish the first fire station in an old garage that was owned by B. L. Wilson, located northeast of the current Station 1. Continued growth brought about the construction of Station 1 in 1975, with a four bay addition in 1990. Fire Station 2, named the "Dale Lynch Memorial Fire Station" in tribute to the first Fire Chief, was put into service in 2001. In 2009 we purchase the Central Fire station at 101 N Cherokee. In 2001 the City hired 3 career personnel. We are currently have 10 career staff. Fire Chiefs serving after the founding Fire Chief Dale Lynch, Jerry Rodriquez, Walter Sunny, Michael Hall, and currently Denus Benton. Although equipment has changed and methods and skills are more advanced, the spirit of those who serve remains the same, neighbor helping neighbor. Few Serving Many. - Adapted from History of Catoosa - 1902-2003, Catoosa Historical Society