Catoosa Public Schools

The focus of the Catoosa school system is to provide students with an environment through rich educational experiences that encourage lifelong learning. Creating character development through “Great Expectations” and Character Building programs, encouraging parental involvement, providing positive reinforcement and creating opportunities for every student to achieve his or her maximum potential are the key ingredients in the execution of this focus. Our “Student Advocacy Program” with every student at the high school level, helps them stay on track throughout the school year through an accountability relationship with parents, and staff/teachers. 


The High School staff has adopted a motto that reflects this belief in the individual students ability to succeed, “Importing Potential - Exporting Excellence.”

Superintendent Statement

“We provide our students with a rich educational experience. From our state-of-the-art technology training, to our partnership with Tulsa Technology vocational program, and a teaching team that is engaged in ongoing professional development, we have an environment that truly stimulates learning, while at the same time, builds character and values in each student. We create a foundation for our students to build their future on,” stated Superintendent Rick Kibbe.

Community Impact

If you are thinking about living in Catoosa, the Catoosa school system is one of the biggest reasons why you may want to give our community serious consideration.